Tennis Court

The younger new artists appear, the more impressive it is to hear how much talent they carry.
Feast your ears on this young 16-year-olds voice who goes by the name of Lorde. She hails from New Zealand and is already getting a hefty following of fans who are captivated by her soft yet strong voice. When I first heard her new hit song “Tennis Court” I found myself hearing a little bit of a young Lana Del Ray in Lorde. The lightness of the lyrics, the playfulness of her tune, both of these carry something similar to Del Ray. But Lorde is unique in her own sound and in her lyrics which speak to every teenager and anyone who has been one. Her big influences are T.S. Eliot, Allan Ginsburg and Sylvia Plath, some deep reading for people of any age. Lorde’s full EP is coming out today, June 10th, and I’m excited to hear what else this talented artist has in store. Enjoy walking down to the tennis courts with this talented NZ musician.

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