Originally from Sydney, but now based out of Brooklyn, High Highs craft exquisite folk-pop gems. Their latest single, “Once Around The House,” is one such treasure: beautiful, glimmering, yet still so delicate. It’s also the kind of song that takes you by surprise — starting softly and sparsely, only to gain momentum with reverb and warm harmonies, eventually sweeping you away in a wash of enchanting and wistful “ooh ooh ooh” sing-alongs. As it climbs from its humble beginning to its spirited chorus, it makes quite the impact, like an epic lullaby.

High Highs is made up of Oli Chang, Jack Milas and Zach Lipkins. “Once Around The House” is off the forthcoming debut album scheduled to be released early next year on Rocket Records, an imprint run by the legendary Sir Elton John. Listen to it below, along with their amazing cover of Wild Nothing‘s “Live In Dreams” (when they first posted it in 2010, I was instantly made a fan).

’High Highs – Once Around The House’

’High Highs – Live In Dreams (Wild Nothing Cover)’
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