When I first heard that Canadian band Gobble Gobble had an ex-hardcore singer, I was instantly intrigued. Not knowing what to expect, I put in my buds, and pressed play. This band is definitely unique. The choppy pop-synth overlain with crunchy electro beats will spread a toothy grin across your face. And when they mix in the math-rock guitar riff, you’ll have a full on foot-tap going on.

Lawn Knives and Boring Horror displayed this bands strong suit with mixing catchy lyrics into a house laden dance-punk tempo. The vocals carry over the beats like a mix between Kele and Issac Brock from Modest Mouse. After one time listening through both of these songs, you’ll be singing and dancing your way across your living room.

Gobble Gobble is the ultimate DIY (Do it Yourself) band, and are currently engrossed in a massive North American tour. The best part about this tour is seeing the words “House Party” dotted amongst the itinerary. Yes, that’s right. The next rager you throw, throw it right with Gobble Gobble. These guys will bring your house down – hopefully not in the literal sense.

GOBBLE GOBBLE – Boring Horror

’GOBBLE GOBBLE – Boring Horror.mp3′


’GOBBLE GOBBLE – Lawn Knives.mp3′

GOBBLE GOBBLE – Where is My Mind – Pixies (Blasphemy)

’GOBBLE GOBBLE – Where is My Mind – Pixies Blasphemy.mp3′

GOBBLE GOBBLE – Wrinklecarver

’GOBBLE GOBBLE – Wrinklecarver.mp3′
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