Having one of the most-heard stories in indie-rock history, the self-made men of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have always had a significant following. Their eponymous debut album was full of impossibly catchy and remarkable tracks that made it to a number of end-of-year (and decade) lists. While their sophomore album—Some Loud Thunder—was a somewhat departure from the tightly paced tracks of their debut, it seems like the Brooklyn based band is back in form with their new album, Hysterical.

From the moment the instruments kick in on album-opening track “Same Mistake” I realized that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were back and (possibly) even better than ever. The familiar soaring vocals of Alec Ounsworth, and the playful instrumentations all work together to form memorable album opener; but Hysterical isn’t just a return to the sound of their first album. “Maniac”—while similarly playful—soars with a synthesized brass section and a perfect harmony of drums and guitar work, and demonstrates a pleasantly slight change to the formula we’ve grown to love.

Hysterical, the band’s third album, will be self-released in September.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Same Mistake

’Same Mistake.mp3′

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Maniac

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