If your band is named The History of Apple Pie, chances are you’re doing something right. As it so happens, the delightfully named London based shoegazing indie-poppers do quite a bit right. Sounding a bit like a mixture of The Manhattan Love Suicides and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, they manage to capture the perfect sort of summer-pop sound I have been searching for.

From the opening of “Mallory” I knew I was in love. The fuzzy guitars, fantastic drumbeat, and dreamy vocals all work to form some sort of perfect harmony. It’s immediately infectious, sunny, and brilliant. But their brilliance doesn’t stop at “Mallory.” No, it continues to shine on in “Tug”—another song so dazzlingly summery that I seriously get lost in it every time I listen—and every other song I have heard from the band.

Take their debut single “You’re So Cool.” It’s quite a bit more poppy and more akin to surf-pop than the previous tracks, but it still embodies everything warm and sunny about summer. The dreamy vocals bring you back to those carefree summer days—that visit to the beach—and guides you on to a future not dissimilar from these memories.

You’re So Cool will be released on June 27th via Rough Trade Records. You can preorder here.

The History of Apple Pie – You’re So Cool

The History of Apple Pie – Tug


The History of Apple Pie – Mallory

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