Janelle Kroll
Sunny Days

Let’s face it – this is the perfect song to dedicate to the cold weather.

While we know this tune had a more serious message than what was stated above, we couldn’t help ourselves. Jokes aside, if you’re not familiar with budding, young artist Janelle Kroll, now is a great time to get familiar, as she just delivered this enchanting new original, “Sunny Days.”

This up-and-coming singer from New York City has previously proved her talents on tracks with some of dance music’s finest (Dennis Ferrer and Codes) but now she’s adding to her catalog with yet another tune to call her own. On “Sunny Days,” Janelle uses her stunning voice as her paint brush, as she artfully tells a story of being consistently brought down, on a canvas of a chilled-out, downtempo beat with various melodic accents.

Have a listen to the outstanding song, and keep tabs on Janelle as she continues on her rise in music.

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