There’s one band that I regularly tell people they need to see live. I don’t even have to know what kind of music you’re into to know that you’ll have an amazing time at El Ten Eleven‘s live shows. They’re simply that amazing. The band is comprised of two members, a drum set, a keyboard, 4-6 guitars, 15-20 pedals, and a looper. Two men man all these instruments with flawless execution, and keep you entertained for as long as they’re on stage. The best part about it is, their shows are usually about $15.

Live performances aside, El Ten Eleven’s recorded work is a melodic journey perfect for studying, working, and…well…private time with your significant other (note: cannot be held responsible for any hookups during the listening of El Ten Eleven. Please notify them on Facebook if you’d like to complain, and/or share your sexy stories.) All kidding aside, “Yellow Bridges,” which is due out on their album funded by the fans via Kickstarter, is an epic build up of rythmic drumming, groovin’ basslines, and their signature sounding guitarwork.

’El Ten Eleven – Yellow Bridges’
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