’Chris Lake – Build Up’
’Chris Lake – Build Up (Tommy Trash Edit)’

Energetic. Heart Pumping. Dance inducing. Those are just a few terms you could use to describe Chris Lake‘s live performances. A true master of his crowds, Chris Lake knows how to throw down an incredibly entertaining set. His house-based style ranges all over the spectrum, keeping the crowd intrigued, and engaged throughout the experience.

Brutally Honest. Quick Witted. Off-the-cuff. Those are just a few terms you could use about Chris Lake as a person. We were lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Chris at Beta Nightclub, and get to know him a bit. In one of the most fun interviews we’ve conducted, Chris covered topics that range from keepsakes from home that are always with him on the road, to Brittany Spears. We hope this interview gives you an insight, and even more so, an appreciation of this unique individual. Enjoy.

TMN: Thanks for coming to Colorado, Chris. Welcome back to Beta Nightclub. Is there anything that stands out when you visit Denver?
CL: It’s just a good place to come to. Everyone that works here (Beta Nightclub) seems very passionate about what they do. Everyone that comes here are up for it, and they’re passionate about the music. They seem to be very open, musically, to different things as well. It’s a very nice environment to come to.

Whenever I see on my calendar that I’m coming to Denver to play at Beta, I know I’m going to have a great show.

TMN: You’re in the midst of a huge US tour right now, getting ready to head out to San Diego to play with TJR. Talk to us about that.

CL: We’re doing a Rising Music showcase. I play a lot in San Diego, I love that city. We’re just all going to play some records and have some fun in the sun.

TMN: What’s one thing from home that you always bring with you on tour?

CL: My wife is huge on travel charms and she gave me this necklace, which I dare say most people have noticed I wear in almost every single photo that you ever see of me. I always wear this. I think it’s some sort of foreign writing, I don’t know what it means. But then it also has Ganesh as well, to protect me while I’m traveling.

That’s the only thing I take that has no function.

TMN: Every time we see you, whether in video interviews or on festivals, you are always enjoying yourself and having a laugh. Talk to us about what it’s like to be on tour and how you keep that energetic, happy vibe going.

CL: It’s not something I feel like I have to keep up because it’s a career, it’s something..this isn’t really a career. It’s just an extremely rewarding lifestyle.

I’ve been blessed to pursue this for over half my life now. My family realized way before me that I had a musical ability, and they started me on lessons to develop it, when I was like 11 or 12. Ever since then it’s just developed. I learned about electronic music and synthesizers and I got excited by music production.

Being involved in music just makes me happy. And there’s lots of things that people don’t really see that I really get kicks out of. That is a lot of the back end things of being in this industry. I love finding new artists, I love trying to spot talent and developing people. I’ve always done it. I probably have more answers for people than I do myself. I don’t practice what I preach enough.

The industry makes me happy. There’s lots of things about the industry that pisses me off as well. You know, but I certainly feel like I’m in this industry for all the right reasons, and I try to make the most out of it. That’s why I have a positive approach to things.

There’s another thing as well. As great a job as this is, I’m still just a regular guy that makes music. So, to all the artists out there with their big fucking inflated egos, come back down to earth. You can still be nice. You don’t have to be a dick.
’TJR – Funky Vodka (Original Mix)’

TMN: Rising Music has been on fire this year, with “Funky Vodka” being an amazing contribution to the EDM scene. What are some of the challenges of running your own label? How is the discovery process for finding talented producers?

CL: Well, there’s been a few artists that I’ve helped out in various ways and forms. I think sometimes it’s about recognizing that someone’s got musical talent or any sort of talent, and trying to work out the best way that they can use it.

You know, TJR is a good example of that. I met DJ through LA Riots, and he started playing me these records. He sent me this record and said “Hey check this one out, this track is called ‘Funky Vodka. I want to put it out as a free download on Soundcloud.” And I listened to it and said, “You’d be a bloody idiot to give this as a free download on Soundcloud.” Not that I think music shouldn’t be put out for free, I don’t have an issue with that at all. That record really has something about it. I heard it straight away. He had the opportunity of getting that record out to a lot more people than probably the three to four thousand people that might have downloaded it for free. And his career is really taken off right now.

It’s little things like that, just recognizing good records.

I’m not selfish, I find a lot of artists, and I’ll advise them to go sign a record with another label that I think would be a really good fit for them. At the end of the day it’s a community, a lot of decisions need to be made for what’s good for the scene as a whole. Not just what’s good for Chris Lake and his pockets.

TMN: So we’re going to throw you a random question, because we heard you like them. If your music was an animal, what would it be?

CL: I like that one. Fuck. That’s great. I just don’t see how I can see past a cat. Some form of the cat family. I’m trying to think of an animal that’s tough, dirty, and sexy at the same time. Puma. I like it. Puma is a bit dark as well, I’d go with that.
TMN: If you had to pick one song to listen on repeat for a WHOLE week, what would you choose?

CL: Massive Attack – Tear Drop.

TMN: Tell us about your guilty pleasures – any favorite TV shows, or songs people wouldn’t normally see you listening to?

CL: As in something that’s really uncool as shit? I’ve got loads of them.

TMN: Give us your top three.

CL: Pop record that I think is amazing is Brittany Spears – Toxic. I’m not big into cheesy TV…I don’t think there’s any TV show that I can think of.

Oh…I went to see the latest Twilight movie in the Cinema. What a pile of shit. That is the biggest piece of horseshit I’ve ever seen in my life. Forty minutes dedicated to watching a couple, who’ve just got married, be as scared to shag. For fuck’s sake, just get on with it.

Well this isn’t that embarrassing, but I just really love chocolate. I’m literally addicted to chocolate. It’s been quite a problem at points in my life. I’m doing alright with it at the moment though.

TMN: Anything else you would like to tell your fans?

CL: I’m doing an album. I’ve taken an eternity to finish this album. But it’s because I’m takIing the approach of, every single one of the records on this album I would be quite happy to release as a single. I don’t want any fillers. I really feel like I’m at that point.

So, we’re releasing them as we go. Stand Alone is coming out next. And I’ve done a record with John Dahlback, one we’re going to put out in a couple of weeks called I Saw this Before – it’s fucking crazy.

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