Bass Kleph is a man who has been in the music scene for quite some years. We wanted to sit down with this recently new LA resident, all the way from the land down under, to get to know him just a bit better and see what the future holds for this unbelievably talented artist.

TMN: Stu just wanted to say first off thank you for taking the time to sit down and have a chat with us, we know how busy artists are right now gearing up for the spring and the start to a new tour season so thank you.

Where to even start? You are kind of a master of your trade with 12-years of experience behind the decks. I feel like I should call you Sensei Stu because you just have so much experience in the music field. Where did your love of music begin exactly? I know you were in a band by age 15 but what about before then? Sit down with your mom’s pots and pans at age 4 and Bass Kleph was born?

I started learning the drums when i was eight, and it kinda by accident. I wanted to join the school band, and they asked us to all write down what instrument we would like to play. Being the 80s, the coolest instrument in the world was the saxophone. So that was top of my list. I couldn’t think of anything else tho, so i actually peeked at the paper of the guy next to me. I saw drums and thought, oh yeah that’s kinda cool too. haha it almost never happened.

TMN: Tell us a little more about what it was like being in your band Loki when you were only 15 years old. Most boys at that age in high school worrying about their acne, if they will make the rugby team (hello Australia) and if the girl in their 5th period likes them. Tell us about how different those high school years were for you?

It was surreal. We had a major label deal, music videos, tours, often on TV and doing signing etc. The full rock/pop thing. It through me straight into the deep end of the music industry, and was very eye opening. We had some amazing times, and I learnt so much in the process. It definitely solidified my desire to work in music. I thought the band would go for longer, but unfortunately it came to an end when the singer quit after 4-5 years.

TMN: After Loki ended, you went on to really embrace DJ-ing and also found an even deeper love for the drums. You also picked up the name Bass Kleph, where did that name derive from?

At the time Loki split, i had already been hooked on electronic music for a few years. I’d been producing and DJ just for fun in my spare time. It seemed like the natural evolution for me after the split. The Bass Kleph is based on the musical symbol/term “Bass Clef”. It’s basically means all the bass heavy instruments. When i first heard dance music, the basslines and drums where the things that i fell in love with. So it just seemed to fit.

TMN: Let’s shift over to some fun get-to-know-Stu better questions. You are Australian, shrimp on the barbie and all that jazz, what part of Oz are you originally from?

Too right i am! 😉 I’m from Sydney.

TMN: I will tell you, I studied abroad in Perth a few years back so I know a little bit about the land down under. Are you are rugby man or a footie man? Maybe hours and hours of cricket?

Actually i never really got into that. My Dad is english so I was more into Soccer when i was younger. However, sport wise, the main thing i always loved was board sports. My brothers and I all grew up skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. I always wanted to get into snowboarding, but there’s not much snow near where i grew up, so that didn’t come till later.

TMN: Vegemite (a dark brown food paste made from yeast extract) love it or hate it?

Love it! I haven’t had it in agggges though! You’re making me miss it now.

TMN: You now live in LA, what is your favorite thing to eat in the states and what is your favorite thing to eat back in Australia?

Mexican food! There’s not much good mexican food in Australia, so it’s still a novelty for me over here. When I next go back to Australia i’ll be looking forward to eating lots of Seafood! and some good Aussie steaks!

TMN: What do you like to do when you aren’t in the studio making insane beats? Is surfing in your repertoire?

I live in Santa Monica, so I have been getting into it again a bit over the summer. However, snowboarding is really more my thing. Next to music, it’s probably my favourite thing. I’ve been going almost every week lately. It’s amazing that i can be on a mountain in 90minutes drive from my house. Love LA.

TMN: What are some of the essential clothes pieces for your performances? A good tank top? Spiked necklace perhaps?

Converse Chucks!

TMN: A question that we like to throw around with our artists is the subject of nicknames. Everyone has had them at one point, and probably you have a few today but what is the 1. Best nickname someone has ever given you and 2. A nickname you wish had never made it past your friend’s lips?

I don’t think i have one. Maybe you guys can up with one for me?

TMN: Oh man now that is a challenge. Let us put some music ninja love into that and we will get back to you 🙂

TMN: Stu, thank you again for taking the time to chat with us and your fans today. Best of luck with everything this year, we can’t wait to see more magic finger videos and hear more unbeatable tracks from you.


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