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Can't Get Enough

So rarely does a music project debut as a fully developed and functioning artistic medium, but when they do, it is especially easy for us here at TMN to take notice. Such was the case with the side project of Parachute Youth’s Johnny Castro; Yeah Boy, and his electronically textured debut single “Can’t Get Enough”, which dropped back in August. This one, due out October 6 on Baked Goods, follows the path of a funky, feel-good Summer groover, but is awash in elements from a multitude of genres. A flitty electric guitar, which wouldn’t be out of place on an 80’s funk record tones the tune, while a beatific melody ties together a reverb soaked vocal track, deep synth work and housey piano licks. The resulting product was a sound we just couldn’t get out of our heads, and one which warranted some probing for more information from the largely mysterious Yeah Boy.

We had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the psyche of Johnny Castro and his music project(s), finding out what is on the horizon musically in the coming months, what his recording process has been like, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd concerts and a whole bunch more. Check out the entire transcript below:

We imagine that your two-piece Parachute Youth takes up quite a bit of free time. What was the deciding factor in sort of breaking away for a bit to focus on your solo work with Yeah Boy?

I think it was simply wanting to write something different and having a completely different approach in my songwriting. I’m loving going back to my roots and writing/singing more soulful/funky vibes and its something you need to explore on your own I think when you have a band with a completely different sound.

What sound differentiations are you able to focus on with Yeah Boy that might not have gone over as well with Parachute Youth?

I think going more hip hop/soulful, which is where I started in the first place. Parachute Youth has a distinct sound and we push that sound to define who we are as a band, I’m ready to do the same with Yeah Boy, which explores my inner love for experimental hip hop/soul.

With basically only one single out at this time, can you enlighten us a little more about your forthcoming EP, such as title, release date, etc. Will most of the material be in the same instrumental vein as “Can’t Get Enough” or have you been playing with all different types of sounds?

There’s going to be some changes of course! ‘Can’t Get Enough’ was a great door opener and showed that I do love writing something very different than usual that can still come across as a pop record. I’ll be working with different artists for this EP also to explore the true potential of Yeah Boy and where I want to go with it. It’s still early days but expect a cool EP 🙂

Who were you able to collaborate with for your upcoming extended play? And on that note, who would be your ultimate dream collaboration?

I’ve been able to collaborate with a few artists here in London and it’s been an amazing experience. Songwriters/Producers such as Starsmith, Bully, Paul Steele,Stefan Abingdon and many more. For my dream collaboration? I’d love to get involved with another artist/vocalist who I think has so much conviction in what he does and I just love him… The man John Legend.

You’re very heavily involved in the music world. Has your life always involved being around and making music? What was your musical background growing up?

Growing up I’ve always been around music as my sister who is extremely talented has always brought it to the family and its been in my face since then. I think making my own decision to follow Music was a huge thing, at school teachers would tell me, ‘What are you going to do for your career John? Music is not an option, it is highly unlikely you’ll make it in that industry’. So it wasn’t the most uplifting advice you wanted to hear! haha Ever since then I pushed and pushed finding music, it was all around me everywhere I went and it made me truly happy, more than anything else! I started to teach myself the piano practicing 5-6 hours a day and forgetting to eat or go to the toilet and would blindfold myself and learn the piano that way, which is probably not the most natural approach as you’d usually go get lessons haha. But it’s worked and I’m finding I’m learning something new and getting better at what I do everyday. It’s an exciting journey every artist experiences and I’ve seen it as a duo in Parachute Youth but I’m very excited to see where Yeah Boy, as a solo artist, will take me in the future.

Can you describe for us here at TMN what your current live show would entail? Are you planning on mostly utilizing DJ sets to push the Yeah Boy live show, or did you have a more musically ambitious goal in mind?

I’m looking at doing a very simple PA set where I would either DJ or have someone DJ and I would sing and play synth throughout the entire set. I like to be a showman and get the crowd involved. After all they are the ones who make your career what it is and who give you the experiences from a show that you’ll never forget!

So, just to get a glimpse into your headspace, what was the last album you listened to in its entirety?

I’m constantly listening to Random Access Memories (Daft Punk) as I wasn’t sold at first. After listening to it in its entirety I really understand it now and what it intended to do. I think the musical composition in that Album is so clever and just fresh, it states it clearly in their first single ‘Give Life Back To Music’. Whenever I feel my creativity is blocked or lose inspiration in what I’m doing I turn to this album, so yeah..Cheers Daft Punk you legends!

The last great live concert you attended?

The last show I attended was Pink Floyd with my Dad and brother in Melbourne. Need I say more? It was an unforgettable experience I’ll always remember. That show was on another level!

Your favorite song of 2013 thus far?

Bondax- Gold (Moon Boots Remix) I loveeeeee it!

We love to ask this question. What is the most embarrassing song or album currently that you own or that is on your iPod?

Haha that is a good question. TLC- No Scrubs. People laugh but its still my jam before that I listen to before I head out to start my day. You go girls! haha

And let’s finish up with something a little more off the wall. What is your favorite drink when performing? And how about your favorite anytime drink?

Corona! Can’t go wrong. Lately though touring in Eastern Europe i’ve had the option of Vodka, Vodka or some more Vodka!

Thank you so much for taking some time to answer these for us.

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