GEMS ≠ Scars

If anyone can write a song about ‘Scars’ and make it beautiful, it would be the duo GEMS. Lindsay and Clifford are two musicians who combine their beautiful musical minds to form GEMS, based out of Washington D.C. The two recently released their new song ‘Scars’, which is raw and brutal and honest, from its lyrics to its seductive melody. The song tells of the scars left from a loved one, how that loved one can see through the fake and the bullshit and the “I’m okays”. The lyrics pull on all heartstrings making the listener feel vulnerable to ones they love and have loved. Lindsay has a light and airy voice that sits quietly in your mind, allowing you to indulge in this stunning song. Be prepared to feel a few scars of your past burn as you hear these two sing each of our stories back to us.

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