When I was fifteen, I spent most of my time off from school playing video games, hanging out on AOL, or thinking about boobs. While that sounds pretty standard to most of you, it’s definitely not the case with Leo Winokur.

Leo, who is also known as Eos, is a 15 year old dubstep producer out of the City of Angels. When he’s not in school, he spends his time on Logic Pro making tracks. His style is unique, and the songs that he chooses to remix are interesting. Instead of following the indie singer remix trend or the hip hop remix trend, he’s decided to go ahead and remix Top 40 tracks. Which is awesome, because it allows me to finally listen to a top 40 song and enjoy it.

His music has been noticed by local promoters, but there’s one problem. He’s only 15. So he frequently asked to come in and play, until they find out his age. Where this would piss most people off, Eos calmly accepts it, and focuses on producing instead.

Take some time and listen to the tracks below. They retain the catchy nature of a Top 40 track, but also have choppy intense synth and bass that you would find with Skrillex or Feed Me.

Oh and just to rub it in again – yes, he’s 15.

David Guetta Titanium feat. Sia (Eos Remix)

’Titanium feat. Sia (Eos Remix).mp3′

Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger (Eos Remix)

’Moves Like Jagger (Eos Remix).mp3′

Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor (Eos Remix)

’On The Floor (Eos Remix).mp3′
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