To the unfortunate people/music bloggers that were not part of today’s EPIC Reply All email thread, let me explain to you how it all began.

The talented 18 year old Jordan Elliot from Kids Are Radioactive was trying to promote his new tracks and collected about 230 emails from music blogs all over the world to add to his mailing list. A small mistake of pasting the 230 emails as CC instead of BCC resulted in a massive Reply All list to which Music Bloggers took advantage and started an epic thread that now exceeds the 300 replies in than less than 24 hours. As Tashed mentioned, it was probably more exciting than watching twitter today. Every time someone added to the conversation, all 230 would get it. It really demonstrated the power and reach bloggers have nowadays.

Click here to view a small version of my gmail inbox (I made it small and hard to read just in case people that participated do not want to show their names and what they saidepiccombo

What topics were discussed in these 300 email replies? Many represented their location and how well/bad the weather was, others interchanged twitters but everyone was friendly and involved. I have not been blogging for that long but I am glad I was able to meet and exchange words with people whose blogs I have been following and look up to. Many are saying this Reply All thread is cause to declare today August 18th the Official Music Blogger Day. Whether you agree or not, I hope the Music Blogging community can take something from today and hopefully produce a way for to keep in touch and discuss various topics that DOESNT involve a stupid bland phpBB or vBulletin forum.

Now on to some music!

First, I am just going to go ahead and post the songs from Jordan Elliot of Kids Are Radioactive for 2 reasons, first without his mistaken, the Reply All circle Jerk We had today would have not been possible and second the songs are definitely worth sharing! While listening to legendary music like this, you can also play on sites such as 바카라 사이트 in order to relax on a weekend.

Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix)

’Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix).mp3′

The Kids Are Radioactive – Perpetual Drag

’The Kids Are Radioactive – Perpetual Drag.mp3′

Update: I am so glad no one got angry like these people

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