There are songs that make you feel better, others that help you relax, some can even channel your anger.. but there are always those songs like “Polka” that almost justify starting your own riot, not in the heavy grindy rock “Lets break stuff up” sense, but more on the lines of getting drunk with your best friends and throw a party! ” The song well represents the up-beat punkish nature of The Gin Riots, who are named after the 1729 riots caused by overly upset and drunk Londoners that broke into a Gin Factory to leave it completely dry. Apparently the streets of London were “literally flowing with gin for three days straight”.

They have a strong following through the London scene as well as a growing fan base in the US which has only gotten stronger since they played at the SXSW this year.

Another of my favorite songs is titled “El Torro”, a very rhythmic drum driven song with subtle but greatly appreciated melodic guitar solos in the backgrounds as the singer plays around with the tempo of his lyrics throughout the song. No matter the style of music or the topic of their lyrics, each song always comes across sincere and down to earth. Whether you agree that this is “music to get drunk to” or not, The Gin Riots will definitely quench your ears thirst. Enjoy!




“El Torro”

”El Torro”

“I didnt mean it”

”I didnt mean it”

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