In a electrifying fusion of nostalgia and creative innovation, Christopher Johnson, widely recognized as itsCHRISJOHNSON, has unveiled his latest single “Get Close,” igniting a promising 2024 after a triumphant 2023. This track, pulsating with energy and an infectious rhythm, is a dance anthem that has plenty of elements that are easily to connect with, no matter what part of the world you are from.

Hailing from Delray Beach, Florida, Johnson’s roots in hip-hop production have evolved into a distinguished presence in the dance music scene. His latest single, “Get Close,” draws its essence from the iconic electro vibes of the early 2010s, a nostalgic nod to a beloved era in dance music. This track emerges from Johnson’s creative endeavors during festival season.

2023 was a year full of highlights in his career, with his music reaching audiences in 143 countries, “Sweet Lies,” debuting on Sirius XM’s BPM, and more, all helping grow his name in dance culture. His work, particularly under his label Social Sound Club and especially during the quarantine, propelled him to a better place within the electronic community.

Johnson’s talents extend beyond music production. His guest mixes on platforms like Dash Radio, The Music Essentials, and C89.5 all are dynamic aspects to what make him alluring and one to watch. Additionally, his robust social media presence, including an Instagram takeover for Ultra Worldwide and over a million plays on Instagram Reels, are just more examples that what he is doing is meeting the needs of a hungry audience.

Notably, “Sweet Lies” premiered on BPM Beta with Liquid Todd, and Johnson also enjoyed song premieres on Sirius XM Chill’s “Day Life Radio.” His tracks have featured on prominent Spotify playlists by Steve Aoki, Revealed Recordings, Enhanced Music, and Ultra Music’s “The Gateway.”

With “Get Close,” itsCHRISJOHNSON continues to push the envelope of dance music, offering a vibrant, enthralling track that encapsulates the essence of Johnson’s artistic journey.

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