IVARR & Ma-less
ASS (Original Mix)

We recently came across a tweet that stated that dating in the music industry is an oxymoron. If that’s true, then IVARR & Ma-Less are breaking the mold. Moreover, they’re breaking the mold with their incredible music, separately, and now together with “ASS.” “ASS” is a bubbly original that we had to get our hands on for a premiere. The track has strong jungle sensibilities that can’t be ignored, especially with producers moving towards breakbeat style records. IVARR and Ma-Less got that game on lock.

With “ASS” we get a party-centric record that will get all the booties shaking. Both these producers know how to get a party started as DJs, so you could expect their productions to do the same. The two creators don’t do a whole lot with the record, letting the minimal melodies speak for themselves along the bustling kick patterns. The playful percussion and varied sounds that come in fill out the sonic picture with the right amount of flare to make this one a grade A record. Although literal ass is not really free, this “ASS” is, so download it!

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