Every so often, we stumble across an artist that lights our hearts and ears with genuine endearment. Today is one of those days, as we bring you first listen from this quirky, playful and avant-garde French musician.

Jain, where is it you’re from?
You’re a girl from everywhere and other places.

Jain comes through your headphones and speakers all the way from Toulouse, but brings with her a myriad of international influences. After having lived in multiple spots across the globe (Pau, Madagascar, Dubai, Toulouse), this up-and-coming artist’s jet-setting ways bleed through in every note of her music. Today, you’re experiencing “City” which comes off her upcoming EP, Hope.

Releasing officially tomorrow, “City” boasts an undeniably infectious nature complete tribal drumming, upbeat guitar strumming, and impossible-not-to-sing-along-lyrics. It’s pleasantly difficult to describe, something that doesn’t happen all to often. What we can say is – yes, it does have some pop influences, but the structure is anything but, giving a highly engaging experience throughout.

After you’re done giving it a spin, check out “Come,” which is not only making waves through TMN HQ, but on YouTube as well.

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