Yes. He totally did.

James Vincent McMorrow, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter that the music world is recently falling in love with for his soft vocals and delicately constructed melodies, has been going around radio shows covering an extremely unusual song for his genre. The song? Nothing more than Willow Smith’s (Will Smiths Daughter) WHIP MY HAIR. If it wasn’t for him actually describing the song he was covering, I would have literally thought it was just a new single of his. The end result is so grounded, so organic, so far from the original that it becomes just hilarious to listen to. An absolutely brilliant cover. What you guys think?

James Vincent McMorrow – Whip My Hair

’Whip My Hair – Today FM Ray DArcy.MP3′

If you havent heard James Vincent McMorrow, make sure you check back to our previous posts as well as listen to This Old Dark Machine from his album “Early In THe Morning” – Still only $5.99 on iTunes.

James Vincent McMorrow – This Old Dark Machine

’James Vincent McMorrow – This Old Dark Machine’
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