Jamie Prado
New Era (Original Mix)

Feeling in need of an intense yoga session to ease the stress knots after the brutal day at work? Allow us to provide you with a more than sufficient substitution, Jamie Prado’s latest release.

It was nearly impossible for us not to jump at the chance to premiere his intoxicating new piece, “New Era,” so, we did. The euphoric track, one of two debut releases on his brand new label with L’Affaire Musicale, Midnight In Paris, submerses you into its musical silkiness, combining an assortment of soothing textures that melt right into each other. Instantly ridding the mind and body of any and all tensions, the piece blends sensual percussion lines with vocal croons and “ah”s that beautifully fall into place right at the seams.

“New Era” allows you to find clarity and serenity as it transports you into a dimension that is free of clutter and distraction. As a result, you will find yourself making the decision to skip that evening yoga class since you’re definitely not going to need it.

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