In the Sub-bass playground that is currently South London, two young vocalists compete for dominance. You are almost certainly familiar with James Blake, whose post-dubstep sound has garnered huge popularity, despite it’s complete lack of similarity to anything from the mainstream. An interesting development is the recent re-emergence of his fellow Londoner, Jamie Woon, who makes what I would consider a more palatable version of the same thing – half way between the charts and post-dubstep. With production from the likes of the legendary Burial, bass is inevitably heavy. But here’s where he differs from Blake – instead of some slow jams, some samples, Woon is all about the vocals. And what vocals they are – his voice drags the listener into a eery, film noir world, as it bounces off the swirling bass below. Although his work is pretty limited so far, there is more to look forward to with the April release of Mirrorwriting, his debut.

Jamie Woon – Spiral

’Jamie Woon – Spiral’
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