Janet Jackson
Got Til It's Gone [DR. MaD REMIX]

Our entrance to New Music Tuesday is a laid-back one today, as we slowly roll into the chaos with an extremely fresh interpretation of “Got Til It’s Gone,” the storied Janet Jackson song featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell.

The original, which came off The Velvet Rope, was lauded for it’s sonic experimentation and revealing theme and remixer Dr. MaD has certainly paid an artful homage to the creativity Jackson initially laid out. Hailing from Montreal, this producer is no stranger to crafting intelligent interpretations of classic hip-hop and R&B songs, previously putting his spin on classics like Blackstreet and A Tribe Called Quest. Each sporting a unique vibe, his sound also stays somewhat consistent, boasting chilled out vibes that compliment a solid set of vocals.

Today’s remix, which premiered on Kaytranada’s BBC Radio 1 show, crosses back-and-forth between genres, casually flipping the bird to a traditional structure. It starts off with a slow, future bass style build up, leading the listener into an atmospheric realm of glowing synths, booming bass and rolling clicks and hi-hats. While we’d be more than happy with this styled out take, the tune takes a turn for the dancefloor with an emphatic disco-house break, leaving us dancing in our seat.

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