Kings and Queens

Let me tell you London, keep making talent like this and we will continue to be hooked on everything that is your music scene.

They are a wonderful duo that calls themselves Moonrags or, Cari and Geoff. They began making music together a little over a year ago and their fabulous sound is something worth listening to a time again and again. A mix of jazz, pop, and electronic, these two have a beautiful laid back feel that is good for any day the sun is shining and even the cloudy days. Cari’s voice sounds like a little mix between Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, which basically means she has a seducing voice with a bit of quirkiness mixed in. And their recent release ‘Kings and Queens’ shows just how diverse their sound is and how they make it work just the two of them. Keep an eye out for these two because they are sure to tickle your ears again soon.

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