One of the most underrated genres out there is Jersey Club. The legendary figure in the movement, R3LL, has come through the pipeline with a hot new EP released on Dim Mak that absolutely needs your full attention. This is A JERZ Love Story.

With A JERZ Love Story R3LL has four classics on his hands all mashed together masterfully in one project. From beginning to end you’ll be dancing along and having reaction after reaction of “damn did he just do that?” With so much greatness it’s hard to pin down a favorite – which we couldn’t do after listening through several times. It’s just that good of an EP. Listen for yourself and see if you can pick a favorite.

’Back Seat Lovin’ (feat. TT The Artist, Chris Jane & Pure 100%)’
’Double Trouble (feat. Rell Rock)’
’Ride Dat (feat. Uniiqu3)’
’Back It Up (feat. Bleszt)’
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