Jez Dior
Relapse (produced by Danny Score)

Never straying away from the difficult subjects, LA grunge rapper Jez Dior is a veritable open book of life experiences, continually dishing out what’s on his mind. He’s not scared to put his heart on his sleeve, as he’s shown time and time again. We find ourselves always drawn to his work for many reasons, but this one in particular stands out.

This most recent release, starkly named “Relapse,” carries a painful story about a battle with alcohol. A theme that’s evident in Jez’s music, we’re once again hearing these associations and understanding that this is something that has an overwhelming influence on his artistry. Musically, the tune boasts a heavy, distorted bassline, spattering hi hat hits, and a pitched-down vocal sample. Combined, these elements create a dark and ominous vibe which perfectly accentuate the cautionary lyrics.

“Relapse” is available today as a free download on Jez’s soundcloud as a thank you for surpassing three million plays. Head over and snag a copy for yourself.

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