Last Thursday night was easily one of the greatest shows I’ve ever attended at the Yost Theater. I have been attending HAVOC Thurdays for quite some time now and that night, by far, topped them all. With the line-up tailoring to everyone’s musical desires, I knew that it was going to be absurd beyond belief. Before I was able to get down to some funky Melbourne beats and upbeat progressive house music, I first had to have a one-on-one conversation with one of Australia’s finest Melbourne Bounce producers, Joel Fletcher, to get the dish on what the music scene is like down under.

’Joel Fletcher & Savage – Swing (Original Mix) OUT NOW!’

TMN: Hey Joel! Nice to finally meet you. Welcome to the States! How was the flight from Australia?

JF: Thanks! Nice to meet you as well. It was an easy flight. I didn’t go to bed when I left Melbourne so I just crashed on the plane for 10 hours. I’m not really jet lagged so it’s great!

TMN: So, now that you’re finally in the U.S., tell me what you are most excited about regarding this tour?

JF:  It’s obviously my first trip out here and the scene is really starting to blow up so I’m really looking forward to see how everyone reacts. I believe I have 15 shows on this tour, so I’m just as excited for the 8th show as I am for all of the other shows. But, I’m really looking forward to going shopping!

TMN: Shopping? What do you want to buy out here?

JF: Shoes. Definitely shoes.

TMN: What kind of shoes are we talking about?

JF: Nike’s – as you can see. I have about 20-25 pairs of them back home.

TMN: You beat me on that one because I don’t even own a pair of Nike’s…

JF: (Laughs) Really? I’ll get you a pair.

TMN: You’re the best. Any who, let’s get back on track about music. Did you play any instruments growing up?

JF: Ah, yes. I started playing the drums when I was about 8 years old and stopped when I turned 14 which was about the time I started DJing. There were actually a pair of DJs where I grew up called the Electro Rockers, and they played a lot of progressive house and I guess you can say they really inspired me to start mixing.

TMN: Did DJing just lead into producing after awhile?

JF: Yeah, so pretty much I knew that in order for me to take it to the next level I had to write my own tunes, so I started writing music when I turned 16 and roughly 6 months later I got my first track signed to a label. That was surreal.

TMN: What kind of style were you going for when you first started making your own tunes?

JF: At first I was was more into the minimal/techno kind of sound  and then after about 2 years of producing, my friend and I started our own minimal label.

TMN: You have definitely transitioned from the minimal sound to the more Melbourne Bounce style. What drew you to this genre?

JF: It’s kind of funny you ask that because Melbourne bounce used to have a minimal sound to it up until about 3 years ago. Now it has progressed into this dutchy vibe with a minimal bassline. It’s catchy and it really knows how to get the crowd going – plus it’s addicting!

TMN: You’re telling me! Now that this genre has blown up, where do you see this Melbourne Bounce craze heading?

JF: Well, at the looks of things it’s starting to take over and my theory is that it’s a trend just like all things in music and in life. Trends always come and go, but it’s really nice to hear this genre really take off rather than die out. You see these top tracks on Beatport 100 with the big kick drums and ravey synths and Melbourne bounce has the same kind of style to it as well so I’m really excited to see it charting.

TMN: Who would you say truly influenced you into DJing?

JF: Chuckie was a huge influence for me when I was younger. As far as production goes, I’d have to say my buddy Deorrohas motivated me a lot. We’ve worked on some tracks together and he’s just a freak of nature. Every time I listen to one of his tunes, I always say “how does he do that?”

’Deorro & Joel Fletcher – Queef (Original Mix)’

TMN: Now that you’re on tour and experiencing the ways in which different countries party, what do you expect to see in the States based on your perception of Americans?

JF: Hmm…expectations? Well over in Melbourne we have this dance called the Juicy Wiggle and it’s the most terrible thing ever considering the meaning behind it has a negative association tied to it. Apparently you guys shuffle out here so I’m really excited to get away from what I’m used to seeing at shows and am expecting to see some shuffling these next couple of months. Do you shuffle, Brooke?

TMN: I’ve never even heard of the Juicy Wiggly but, yes I do shuffle. I am the most atrocious shuffler, but I do know how to!

JF: YouTube it (laughs). I hate the Juicy Wiggle but I really love shuffling.

TMN:  You’ve come to the right place then! So, you just released a new track with Seany B called “Loco”, can you tell me a bit more about that collaboration?

JF: So I did a remix for him maybe 4 months ago. When I finished that we wanted to team up on an original track. He sent me these crazy vocals and as soon as I listened to them I just vibed right away. “Loco” has just hit radio in Australia so that’s exciting.

’Joel Fletcher & Seany B – Loco (Original Mix) // BOUNCE!’

TMN: Speaking of collaborations, do you have any fun projects coming up that you can tell us about?

JF: I have a track I’m working on with Will Sparks and I just did a remix of “Latch” for Disclosure but I’m unsure of when that is getting released. That’s all I have so far!

TMN; What can we expect from you this year as far as shows and festivals go?

JF: I’m not too sure about what’s coming up in the States as far as festivals go, but I’m playing a festival over in Europe this year but that’s about all I know for now. I have heaps of new music coming out along with a single I did with Bobby Andonav which should be out soon!

TMN: What’s your dream festival to play?

JF: Tomorrowland. Hands down.

TMN: Who wouldn’t want to play Tomorrowland? I’m not even a DJ and I would want to play Tomorrowland! (Laughs) So now I have a few fun questions for you to wrap things up before your set. Describe yourself in 3 words.

JF: (Laughs) Geez. 3 words? That’s tricky (pauses momentarily) I guess, fun? Uh, I really don’t know.

TMN: You don’t know yourself? Alright I’ll help you out with some scenarios. What are you like when you’ve had a bit too much to drink?

JF: Bizarre, for sure and when I’m not drinking I am a bit shy.

TMN: Perfect. Fun, bizarre, and shy. That wasn’t too hard, now was it Joel? (laughs) Alright, this is a tricky one–if you had to choose between “Animals” and “Tsunami” to listen to everyday for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

JF: Oh, that’s a tricky one, but i’d have to say “Animals” because [Martin] Garrix is the dude. He is such a cool guy.

TMN:  So I hear! Alright, last question for you Joel–describe to me the perfect pizza.

JF: I’m pretty easy with pizza because I always go with BBQ chicken.  Can never go wrong with that!

TMN: Thanks so much for taking some time out of your night to chat with us, Joel. I really wish you the best on your first North American tour! Cheers!

JF: No problem! Thank you, as well!

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