Josh Gilligan comes from a family of music, and as with many other artist these days, he’s a multi-instrumentalist. Not that this makes it any less impressive, but it does bring an element of familiarity to the mix that essentially cancels out any novelty from the idea. While his abilities are certainly above average, they are not what will make or break this new artist — nor will they need to. Rather, his charmingly organic Folk/Rock is what drives our fascination with him, and that’s just fine – because it’s quite splendid. His debut LP ‘Flesh and Blood’ is a refreshing collective for a genre that has taken a recent liking for the less aggressive. Rather, the LP rides a fine line between the ethereal side of the genre and the more abrupt rocky aspects it can encompass, providing enough diversity within to keep the listener intrigued throughout.

Whispers in The Breeze

Open Eyes

Take Your Love


Let Go


Flesh and Blood

Beaten Path

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