We have seen some pretty monstrous remixes of Kanye West’s the swagger-filled track “Mercy”, by Barbaric Merits and more recently by RL Grime & Salva. The aggressive lyrics paired with the strong and confident wobbles of dubstep are a perfect match for any producer to take advantage of. Well my friends, Figure is not just any other producer, and this is not just any other track.

Figure, Lord of Darkstep, has lowered “Mercy” into his own twisted and demented realm of sharp melodic shadows and destructive haunted basslines to form a being larger than its predecesor with an unsurmountable heavy roar of electronics. If The Music Ninja ever releases a Dictionary, we guarantee that our definition of HEAVY will be:

heav·y [hev-ee]
1. Any fucking track from American dj/producer Figure: See. Mercy Remix
2. of great amount, quantity, or size; extremely large.

’Kanye West – MERCY (Figure Remix)’
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