GIVE ME SYMPHONIES! One of the most addicting hooks from London musicians Dan Black with his collaboration with Kid Cudi on the song “Symphonies” that we blogged a few months ago. While Dada Life’s remix of this very song was much more drilling with a heavy steady bass and primarily using Dan’s vocals, The revised version of Kill Them With Colour highlights Cudi’s rapid fire rhymes and layers it with a huge wave of overstretched electronic melodies that even though it heavily saturates the track, the end result feels clean and easily digestible.

A banger? I wouldn’t go as far as considering it as one but there is enough aggression here to make it on the dance floor.

Kid Cudi – Symphonies (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

’Kid Cudi – Symphonies (Kill Them With Colour Remix).mp3′
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