Tennessee (Babel Remix)

As we glance back on the greatness that was the weekend, it’s important to have an ample amount of laid back tunes to ease us into the start of the work week. Thankfully, for us, Antwerp-based Babel has his signature “hangover chill” persona all over this brand new remix.

After a few stellar remixes, and an impressive original, this up-and-coming producer has his sight set on a deliciously lush remix of the widely popular “Tennessee.” Taking well-crafted samples of kiiara’s glowing vocals, and key elements from Felix Snow’s original production, Babel has crafted something that pays an artful homage to the original, yet carries through his own distinctive style.

Driven by a gorgeous piano melody, and light, airy percussion, this re-imagination will surely kick your week off properly, as well as find a way into your regular “Chill Out” playlist.

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