Bearing the moniker of a classic Paul Simon song and a Kodak product from the 30’s (with a slightly different spelling), Brooklyn-based Elissa & Ryan together form a up-and-coming project called Kodacrome. Featuring dreamy soundscapes and sultry subdued vocals, this duo made a splash two years ago with their EP, Perla. Since then, they’ve released a few other tracks, including a shimmering, electronic-soul tune called “Strike the Gold.”

With the calming synth-driven backdrop and Elissa’s understated vocals, we were eager to hear what a few remixers could do with these engaging elements. Coming from the land down under, Melbourne DJ/Producer Luke Neher, of Naysayer & Gilsun, has stepped up and re-interpreted “Strike the Gold,” giving it rich, textural elements and a slowly building synth progression to create a lo-fi pop remix.

Calling on associations of Lana Del Rey, Portishead, and The XX, this remix is perfect for a laid back Sunday, or a long summer drive. Luckily for you, this tune is available as a free download on their Soundcloud page.

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