High Dreamer
Kylie Odetta

At first listen, you probably wouldn’t guess that Kylie Odetta is just 18-years-old. Her voice, both commanding and dreamy, carries a heft of a very seasoned musician. In fact, that voice has landed her opening spots with acts like Colbie Caillat, Gavin DeGraw and Mat Kearney, which should elude to the fact that she’s coming up in the scene, and doing so at a rather rapid pace.

“High Dreamer” is the title track from her upcoming EP, and we’re elated to be the first to bring it to your ears. It’s captivating from the get-go, drawing listeners in with calming piano, light percussion, and Odetta’s entrancing vocals. The chorus is particularly impressive, showcasing feathery soft falsettos that delicately soar higher and higher.

We have to assume that a fair lot of you are experiencing your first listen to this budding young artist. Click here to keep tabs on upcoming releases, including her High Dreamer EP, which drops February 12.

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