It’s time to light up your party playlists with “Afloja,” the latest track from San Pacho, released on Terminal Underground. This fiery Latin-tech house blend, created in collaboration with Buitano and Mexican-American rapper Fatboi, promises to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser at any event. “Afloja” is a thrilling banger that transforms every set into a high-energy showcase of Latin-house infused beats and enthusiasm.

Each artist brings their unique flair, combining intense rhythms with Fatboi’s lively vocals to produce a party anthem that’s impossible to ignore. From the moment it plays, “Afloja” elevates the atmosphere, positioning itself as a future favorite in both clubs and festivals. San Pacho’s skill in fusing spirited Latin sounds with the raw energy of tech house ensures that no one can stay still.

Turn up the volume and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of “Afloja,” a single that gets down and dirty with the rhythm, and sheer joy is exudes throughout. With “Afloja,” San Pacho invites you to join in a vibrant experience that promises every moment to be memorable.

Hailing from Croatia, San Pacho has quickly established himself as a notable name in the tech house scene. His style, shaped by influences like Skrillex, Diplo, and Dillon Francis, has resonated widely, marked by his debut on Tchami’s Confession label in 2019. His track “La Pasion,” in collaboration with Matroda, shot him into prominence in 2021, followed by a slew of successful releases on notable labels and top chart positions. With a mixtape full of enticing, unreleased tracks, San Pacho continues to hit high markes year after year

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