So what is going on? British Singer Leona Lewis released her single Collide, that has an incredible resemblance to “Fade Into Darkness”, by Tim Berg, better known as Avicii. Back in December 2010, Avicii previewed the track that at the time was named “Penguin”. Avicii had clearly stated that “Penguin” / “Fade Into Darkness” sampled from a song by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra back in the late 80’s.

There are reports that Leona’s label, SyCo, was actually turned down by AtNight (Avicii) since the producer was already going to release his track “Fade Into Darkness”. Ignoring AtNight, Leona’s people continued, bringing in producer Sandy Vee to reproduce the track with Leona’s Vocals.

It was really only up until the last minute when “Collide” was released that Tim Berg first heard of to the track. Expressing:

To answer everyone, the first time I heard Leona Lewis ‘Collide’ was today. I didn’t produce it and neither me or my manager could approve it.

I’m just upset for someone taking credit of our idea before I had a chance to release it… And for the time and effort that has been put into this by my manager and label.

Whats even shadier is that Sandy Vee, tweeted that in the credits of the song Collide, Tim Berg was present. In a matter of seconds, Avicii tweeted that neither him or his manager had ever heard of the song, so there was no way they could have approved it.

And this leads us to Afrojack, releasing a remix of Leona Lewis “Collide”. While some argue that there is no way Afrojack couldn’t have heard resemblance when working on Collide, the dutch producer expressed respect for both artists, as well as the Penguin Cafe Orchestra for the original sample.

Download: Leona Lewis – Collide (Afrojack Remix)

’Leona Lewis – Collide (Afrojack Remix)’


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