Porter Robinson
Sad Machine (Janpier X Waverokr Bootleg)

When I heard the original for “Sad Machine” I wasn’t completely impressed, but Janpier and Waverokr’s remix blew me away! This drum and bass twist of “Sad Machine” will brighten your day with sexy vibes. This track popped up in my feed today and I almost skipped it. I’m stoked that I didn’t, because they completely destroyed this “Sad Machine” remix. I have been listening to Drum & Bass for years; this is the first time I have heard kawaii vibes on a DnB tune. This is the first time I have heard of Waverokr, but most definitely won’t be the last. If you take a few extra moments to browse through Janpier’s stream you will see multiple tracks together. If you haven’t heard of Janpier until now, make sure that name sticks with you. Janpier recently had a Dim Mak release and headlined a show in Argentina! With records as glorious as theirs, I highly doubt you’ll forget that name!

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