“Violence Out Tonight” is a poignant counterpoint to Little Comets‘ often jaunty, afro-inspired indie-pop. This first single from their Life Is Elsewhere album is a stark and sincere ballad, anchored around the weight of domestic violence and rape. It’s a moving rumination on a hard subject, but Little Comets manage to sympathetically capture the heartbreak through Rob Coles’ affecting lyrics.

Speaking about the single, the Newcastle based indie band said:

“I’ve never been affected by the issue of this song – a grim, despicable and weak act, so hope upon hope that the portrayal is apt… If not then I sincerely apologise: I feel that women’s rights are often forgotten in what is still a blatantly sexist society and I wouldn’t want to unwittingly add to this tumult, however neither do I want to adhere to the omertà…”

’Little Comets – Violence Out Tonight’

“Violence Out Tonight” is out April 1st on Dirty Hit Records

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