Exeter’s tiny Cavern was packed with adoring fans of both Benjamin Francis Leftwich and the support acts. First up were Olfar, a boy/girl duo who specialise in intimate folk. In their brief set, tracks such as ‘The Liar’s Daughter’ and the beautiful ‘Haul Me In The River’ crackled with intensity and got the crowd going.

They were followed by the incredible Elena Tonra, AKA Daughter, one of the UK’s rising indie stars. Despite the venue’s occasional sound problems, Tonra put on a tremendous showcase of her talents. Her performance of ‘Run’ was breath-taking, and cemented her reputation as a great live act.

And finally, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, the main attraction of the evening, took to the stage and wowed the crowd. Playing a selection of tracks from his album ‘Last Smoke Before The Snow Storm’, as well as a cover of Springsteen’s ‘Atlantic City’, Leftwich’s voice seemed even more bewitching than on record.

These are three of the hottest talents in the UK at the moment. If you get the chance to see them now before they hit the big time, grab it with both hands.

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