Preparation for an electronic show is a hefty process that if underestimated can render the spectator extremely vulnerable to having their expectations immensely superseded while simultaneously leaving their bodies fatigued and depleted of all energy. However from personal experience, it has become wildly apparent that regardless of one’s preparation and mental training, nothing can prepare you for Skrillex. Hate him or love him, Sonny Moore absolutely destroys his live performances. Chock-full of punishing drops, lasers, fireworks, confetti cannons and stunning visuals Skrillex shows are a spectacle that no one should deprive themselves of seeing.

On October 31st, all Hallows’ Eve, Skrillex and his Spooky Tings tour returned to Denver, Colorado to team up with Knife Party and a host of excellent openers to celebrate this ghoulish night in spectacular fashion. Upon entering the 1st Bank Center, hoards of eager party goers donning every Halloween costume under the sun poured into the arena. The energy was palpable and as soon as Zane Lowe started his set it was clear that everyone in attendance was in for a treat. Zane Lowe, Baauer, Kill The Noise and Tommy Trash each put on a fantastic show, representing the full spectrum of EDM from trap to electro to ear splitting bass music. To be honest the only negative of this strong of a lineup is that each of the openers could justifiably headline their own event. Thus, by the time your ears and body have weathered a musical onslaught of this magnitude it is very difficult to survive a back to back set by Knife Party and Skrillex.

As Tommy Trash finished his set, the atmosphere immediately jolted away any looming signs of fatigue and the haunted mansion with which the artists were performing illuminated to display the act everyone had been eagerly awaiting. Skrillex and Knife Party emerged on the top level of the haunted house and sent the crowd into a frenzy right out of the gate. I was a little skeptical of how a back to back set would flow between the two artists but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mixing between the two appeared almost effortless. Playing in 10 to 15 minute increments, the entire set moved fluidly from track to track highlighting new releases from Knife Party’s forthcoming EP, their infamous VIP of Internet Friends and a healthy sampling of Skrillex’s discography. The energy was incendiary, the light show was world class, and the music did everything short of provoke seizures. The Haunted House Tour vs. Spooky Tings was a monstrous event which definitely left no spectator wishing they had stayed home eating candy. Best of all, at the end of the night Skrillex hinted that Spooky Tings will be back next year. So if you missed out this year you may have one more chance to witness this ghastly event first hand.

Photos taken by Shannon Shumaker. View more of her work here!

’Skrillex – Scary Bolly Dub (Unreleased)’
’Knife Party – Internet Friends (VIP) (Studio Quality)’
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