The kind of shenanigans that go in the Dance Music world can be short of hilarious. High Rankin‘ latest original shines a light into the attitude that many talented and hard working upcoming DJ’s encounter on a daily basis. It is 2012 and Moore’s law is in full effect, so much that Google already got a license to test their DRIVER FREE cars in the state of Nevada. With driver free automobiles roaming the roads, then of course there is DJ-Free software for mixing tracks automagitcally. Virtual Dj, and similar software, have created an age were anyone can be a mediocre “dj” as long as you know how to click. The Virtual DJ software is not what I have a problems with, on the contrary, it has served as a gateway into getting started for many people interested in djing. It only becomes a problem when it extends into live shows. Similarly to a singer using autotune to sound better, using Virtual Dj is much of the same providing a less authentic experience. “Fuck You Virtual DJ” calls those too lazy to learn the craft. No one should ever experience listening to a youtube rip on a +500 watts club speaker.

’High Rankin – Fuck You Virtual DJ (Free Download)’

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