The story of the creation of Love Like Fire is one of those “right place, right time” kismet stories that every band wishes they could tell. Vocalist/guitarist Ann Yu — who had spent some time living with Ronnie Vannucci of the Killers — along with drummer/keyboardist David Farrell, were about to leave San Francisco and head for Los Angeles to see where fortune would fall. Before they even got out of the city, a “band-wanted” ad caught their eye, created by guitarist/keyboardist Ted Parker. The threesome remained in San Francisco, formed Love Like Fire, and later added bassist Robert Kissinger to round out the group.

Their debut EP Bed of Gold appeared shortly after their formation and a second EP released in 2007, An Ocean in the Air, soon followed. An Ocean in the Air reached the top 20 in the CMJ charts. A third album, Tear Ourselves Away, will be released this year.

From their EP An Ocean in the Air, comes a beautiful and innocent song full of melodic bells, acoustic guitar riffs and the always soothing vocals titled “I Will”. Then we switch gears with a more rock-ish, upbeat track titled “S.O.S” which is probably my favorite song from this album. Most of the songs from Love Like Fire, are very uplifting and useful for those grumpy Monday mornings. The last Track I will be including is “From A Tower” that reminds me a little bit of Coldplay putting melodic synthesized melodies throughout the song.

“S.0.S.” – An Ocean in the Air



“I Will” – An Ocean in the Air

”I Will”


“From a Tower” – An Ocean in the Air

”From a Tower”


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