say hi to your mother
Say Hi To Your Mom (New name is Say Hi) is a Seattle-based American indie rock group run by Eric Elbogen. Yeah, I’m Love With An Android comes off their Ferocious Mopes, sweet and simple love song that explains how being in love with an Android is not as strange as you might think.
Say Hi – Yeah, I’m In Love With An Android


After losing their 23-year-old drummer, John Pike, to a tragic death, Ra Ra Riot could have easily falling apart. As Obscure Sound puts it, no matter how many arguments and fistfights were initiated in the past, it is a fact that many groups tend to form a family-like bond after years and even months of touring and working together. Losing a member could be devastating but the guys from Ra Ra Riot realized the best way to honor a friend is by continuing the journey they had all started. Dying is Fine is a poetic melancholic tune inspired by poet e.e. cummings, to which features chorus, “You know that dying is fine, but maybe / I wouldn’t like death if death were good / not even if death were good.” As painful as it may have been they embraced his passing and composed this track to pay tribute to John.

Ra Ra Riot – Dying is Fine



The Postmarks are a pop band from Pompano Beach, Florida. Their debut self-titled LP was released in February 2007 and has been met with critical acclaim from Rolling Stone and Spin, as well as Pitchfork Media and a host of other music blogs.

The Postmarks – Goodbye


Out of clouds is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden, that makes indierock with a focus on melodies. With equal parts British pop tradition and Swedish harmonies, personal songs in different moods are created. Since life holds both melancholy and euphoria, it all has to be reflected in the music.

Out of Clouds – Like a Lily



Ok I admit Ratatat has become an extraordinary popular group since their debut album in 2004 AND while I want to keep this post with more obscure music, if we are going to “look back”, ratatat needs all the attention it deserves. A stimulating ride of beats and sounds ratatat is able to appeal to everyones taste. I would describe it as experimental jazzy hip/hop bluesy pop beats but thats already too long to say. Mirando comes of their ‘LP3’ released in 2008.

Ratatat – Mirando

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