A few years have passed since I first discovered the born and bred Massachusett producer/DJ Edit. His music has more of a trip glitch aleatoric style that only Edit can write the definition for. I recently rediscovered him, and was satisfied listening to more of his recent work. His music has grown more complex, almost like listening to Aphex Twins mashed with Squarepusher completely glitched out, with a totally unique and original touch. Unworldly, if there was a space elevator with space elevator music on your way to a worm hole all the while different frequencies glitch in, then this is what you’d be listening to.

Crying-Over-Pros-For-No-Reason2edIT -Ants



edIT – Ltlp

’edIT – Ltlp.mp3′


edIT – Ashtray



Hes most recent album was released in 2007 titled “Certified Air Raid Material” a collection of collaborations and remixes with hip/hop artists and other producers. One of its most popular tracks featured The Ground and was titled Artsy

edIT – Artsy (Remix feat The Grouch)



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