From its conception in 1992 by England dance-metal band Utah Saints, ‘Something Good’ was an aggressive musical force throughout the early nineties marching its way to UK’s top charts. The duo comprised of Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt are notably known for dressing up popular rock/pop songs with their hand crafted electro-house melodies and had Kate Bush’s vocals of “Cloudbusting” as victim for this very own single. It wasn’t until Australian producers Van She released a bootleg remix that Utah Saints decided it was time to give this old tune a facelift, re-record it and rename it toSomething Good ’08. A new music video was filmed and the result is right about this paragraph.

However, the vocals appear to have lost a the battle to the overpowering bass… a shame really… but I was glad to see the confident, sexually psychedelic vibe from the original track has been preserved in the music video.

Utah Saints – Something Good ’08

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