Just a Gent

I have yet to sleep and my mind has decided to drift off into a delusional state of nostalgia. Who doesn’t love over-analyzing that one time you brought up pornography in your third grade class? I guess it’s times like these where the only way to put a stop to the madness is to put on some ambient tunes and vibe out the rest of the day. Fortunately, Just A Gent just released this original new track, “Fortaque” and solved every existential crisis I have ever endured.

At first, Just A Gent sets us up with a melodic piano intro that then transitions into an orchestrated composition full of mesmerizing synths, trippy kicks, and a violin that would even make Beethoven shed a tear. The tranquil flow of this song will lift anyone’s spirits to a euphoric level so make sure to grab a box of tissues because this one is going to make you cry.

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