Are you ready for another nostalgia-rock indie band to bolster those hipster credentials? Here’s a new comer to the scene with a full length album for your listening enjoyment.

The Pennsylvania band’s self description of “dream pop” is an apt one. The first song, “Vaya Con Dios”, is anchored by simple guitar chords and what sounds like a tambourine, while a dancing bass and drums threaten to take the song floating away. The female vocalist and backup vocalist sing with a calculated laziness that is anything but careless. Similarly, “Decanter” finds its structure in a simple chord progression while the rest of the song floats along. In the background is old voice clips from the 40’s or 30’s, maybe. A little more concrete is “So Tightly,” that showcases a little more complicated acoustic guitar work as well as a harmonica, giving it a folksy twist.

With a combination of noisy, floating instrumentals, folksy vocal harmonies, nostalgic audio clips from old newsreels, and the slow, lilting pace of the album makes me want to go to dark bar, drink absinthe and write poetry. In my case it would be atrocious poetry, particularly on absinthe, but the craving is there as I listen to this album!

In any event, check this album out if you’re looking for something different.

The national re-release of the self titled album is now currently avaialble through Crash Avenue PR.

’Vaya Con Dios’
’Lonely Summer’
’So Tightly’

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