Out of all the things I love in the music world, it’s song creators with a sense of story. Lots of times, music fans mistake a sense of story as simply lyrical—the lyrics tell a story using words, much like the author of poetry or prose. A truly remarkable band, however, can create a musical story without relying solely on a lyrical story. Instead, they use the anticipation and release of emotion through instrumentals, in addition to lyrics, to achieve the same effect as well crafted lyrics alone.

LULS shows just the aforementioned ability with Young. Simple drum beats and chords in the beginning of the song mark out something of a heartbeat, which leads to a powerful crescendo of sonic electric guitar, base, and cried out vocals. The song vacillates between an easy following pulse to intense explosions of sound, gently guiding the listener through a series of emotion.

Great bands do this effortlessly, as LULS does here. Keep an eye on them on their soundcloud.

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