WARNING. If you’re sitting at work right now do not press play, this track will make you get up and dance like a complete freak show. Break out the moonwalk, the belly dance and hell, even your best hip thrust. But, if you’re at home, please press play…

It first starts off with a nice beat, and finally the song really begins. Greeting you at the door is Lykke Li‘s effortlessly gorgeous voice. You start nodding your head up and down as you drown yourself in a groovy ass beat, drums and a world of sweet gold. Keep dancing until the song ends, press repeat. Over and over and over again. This track is a hot sensation in Europe so let’s bring it to the clubs over here. Check out the rest of The Magician‘s Soundcloud. And obviously, go check out Lykke Li‘s most recent (and beautiful) album Wounded Rhymes.

’Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)’
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