Manatee Commune
Simple Lessons

It’s quite late right now, and as I write this, I’m torn between leisurely lounging on my couch, drink in hand, incessantly tapping my foot with a toothy grin spread across my face, or getting ready for a night on the town, casually throwing responsibilities to the wind. That’s the beauty in “Simple Lessons.” It effortlessly buzzes along lines of pure dance music and ambient electronica, giving us a soundscape that’s as lush as the foliage that sprawls across the home state of its producer.

Manatee Commune hails from the Pacific Northwest, and has started to create quite the name for himself. Recently earning the title of best electronic artist by Seattle Weekly, he’s now dialed up with a record with Brooklyn-based Bastard Jazz Recordings, and you’re about to get a taste today.

The composition is calculated and precise, bringing a bevy of light, airy synths, radiating percussion comprised of clicks, pops, and feathery snare hits, along with well-placed and well-treated vocal samples. It’s never overwhelming, showcasing a delightfully busy space that works together in something that’s both relaxed and invigorating.

Learning how to share my creative process with my friends completely revolutionized the last of year of music for me. Inviting those I trusted and loved into my studio to spend even just an hour talking or jamming opened fountains of inventive energy for me, especially from the ones who lacked any musical knowledge. I soon found myself incredibly inspired by the originality of even the smallest interactions with people, and so I pointed my field mic at anyone who had a story, a melody, or a stumbling beat they had been absentmindedly drumming, all in the hopes of capturing their individuality and framing it with my ever expanding insight into audio production. – Manatee Commune

“Simple Lessons” can be found on his upcoming Thistle EP this Friday. We highly recommend picking it up for your weekend festivities, whether they happen from the comfort of your own home, or within a low-lit dance club. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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