In the world of electronic music, where sounds come and go quickly, it’s exciting to discover an artist like Martial Simon who introduces us to a new genre called ‘Nu-Freestyle.’ This genre mixes electronic pop and dance music with both familiar and fresh elements.

Martial Simon has been making great music this year. He’s known for creating a variety of song type and also cleverly combining different sounds. One of his best pieces is “This Is Your Night.” This song combines deep bass and dreamy synths, along with a hauntingly smooth singing.

But what really makes Simon special is how his music makes us feel. His songs are upbeat and positive, but they also have a realness and emotion to them. They stick in our minds long after they’re done playing.

As the second half of 2023 unfolds, we’re excited to see what Martial Simon will do next. He’s showing us a new way of making music with Nu-Freestyle, and it feels like a musical rebirth led by his exciting vision.

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