Jj’s “I’m the one/ Money on my MInd” is soft yet hardcore stuff. The intro is the familiar sound of Intro from The XX, so its already awesome, add some Lil Wayne and there’s harmony within two different genres. Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander (jj) took on Lil Wayne’s rough and dirty “Money on my Mind” and made it a dreamscape with their signature vocal stylings. And although its short you wonder if you just went to sleep with money on your mind. (HA i know its corny… SO?)

And lets not forget “Let them” that references TI’s “Let them Talk”, we realize that Jj can turn any rap song into a melancholy tune. You think they mind?

Jj – I’m The One / Money On My Mind

’Money On My Mind’

Jj – Let Them

’Let Them’
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