Jay Z has 99 problems but being remixed and mash’ed by thousands of DJ’s is certainly not one of them. I have to admit the more I blog about music, the more I have disliked mash-ups. It seems like everyone these days just remixes Biggie, Jay Z and Lil Wayne over and over again. Am I becoming a mash-up douche/Hater? Do you guys like mash-ups and would like to see more on the site? Let me know by commenting bellow. Please!

Nonetheless I have to admit, I have had these 2 tracks on my playlist for a while now and out of all the mash-ups of 99 problems.. these are definitely worth listening to.

99 Hearts (Jay-Z vs. Architecture In Helsinki)

’01 99 Hearts (Jay
Z vs. Architecture In Helsinki).mp3′

Brand-X – 99 Problems Can’t Stop (Queen X RHCP X Jay-Z Mashup)

’I love Brand
x 99 problems cant stop.mp3′
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